Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coconut Cupcakes (2)

Today Wlily dapat jemputan harijadi kanak2 lagi. So, pagi pagi dah buat cupcake ni. Sebenarnya Wlily dah buat dulu and dah post pun resipi nya di sini. Seperti biasa, bila sampai part nak men-decor cupcake ni mesti mati akal. Ye lah, Wlily tak reti sangat nak hias hias guna aising segala, tak terrer macam kengkawan yang lain tu. Ding dong ding dong, in the end Wlily decided guna Coconut Flakes (brand Richfood) sebagai topping- senang cerita. Wlily letak sedikit pewarna hijau kat coconut flakes tu, lepas tu tabur manik2 edible yang colorful tu...

Untuk mendapatkan resipinya, sila klik di sini.


VG said...

Hi Waterlily, I am Vin and I hopped over from Zue's Kitchen. Lovely sure going to try them soon. Hope you don't mind me linking your site to my blog.

I am originally a Malaysian who has been in Australia for 17 years now but still love malay style cooking - I grew up in Army camps all over Malaysia, so I guess it is in my blood!

Waterlily said...

Hi VG..thanks for hopping by :-)

No problemo, you can link my blog to yours.

Wow! 17 years huh? I've been in UAE for slightly over a year and it feels like 10 years..hahaha..I guess the place and surrounding plays a big part in this :-)