Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Face To Face Wiz Da Kitchenz

I decided to create a separate blog just for food / kuih muih / other recipes. Food doesnt seem to jive well with my Musings of A Home Diva blog...macam tak kena je topic dia.

I have always been drawn to ...recipe books!!! hahaha...eversince I got married more than a decade ago. But work (excuse la ni..) has always been in the way for me to really nuture my interest into passion in pow-wow cookin'. Now that I am a homemaker, I hope to make a difference in this part of my life. I am not a newbie in da kitchenz (sebab dah lama hidup kan..?), though I can never laud myself even as half the expert as some of my friends are. No one has 'kojol' yet from consuming the food I prepared, so I guess that's okay then? :)

I will start posting the recipes once I have settled down nicely in AUH! Which reminds me...I need a nice camera for the pics eh..? Not just a simple digital camera? ...hello, significant half who might be reading this...hint hint *wink* :)