Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Portugese Egg Tart

Yesterday just before berbuka puasa with our guests, dear hubby asked, "Where's the kuih?" I didnt make any. Dessert was Bubur Kacang Hijau with Jagung.

Today, I decided to make some kuih, well, actually its more of a pastry or tart. I made Portuguese Egg Tart. I was in a 'playful' mood, so I made them small, and I made them big. Saja je nak seronok-seronok. Last time, whenever I shopped for grocery at Giant, Kelana Jaya - I would, without fail, stop at the bakery at the ground floor to purchase a few pieces of Portuguese Egg Tarts. As of last couple of months ago, the price was RM1.50 each. Now that I have time on my hand - why not make them myself?

I just love Portuguese Egg Tarts. Those who have tasted them before, would be delighted to know that its very easy to make them.

Bahan-Bahan :

Beberapa keping puff pastry - 10 would be enough but it depends on how big you want to make them. (ni style shortcut saya, tak payah pening kepala nak buat pastry sendiri...)

Filling :

100 gram whipped cream
55 gram gula
1 keping cheddar cheese - di potong halus
125 ml susu segar (sometimes, kalau tak ada susu segar, saya gunakan powder milk anak saya, pun boleh jalan jugak..)
2 biji telur ayam
Sedikit essence of vanilla

Cara Membuat :

1. Lembutkan puff pastry pada suhu bilik.
2. Panaskan separuh dari whipped cream dan masukkan gula. Kacau sehingga gula larut.
3. Masukkan baki whipped cream tadi bersama potongan cheddar cheese, dan kacau sehingga sehingga keju cair. Padamkan api.
4. Di tempat lain - pukul telur bersama susu segar sehingga sebati. Masukkan sedikit essen vanilla.
5. Masukkan bahan telur ke adunan whipped cream tadi. Pukul lagi sehingga sebati.
6. Panaskan oven .
7. Sapu butter di acuan - masukkan puff pastry dan tekan. Gunting lebihan puff pastry.
8. Tuangkan filling ke dalam puff pastry tadi.
9. Masuk dalam oven dan bakar pada suhu 225 degrees selama 20 minit atau sehingga kekuningan.

I cant remember where I got the recipe for Cream Cheese Filling from. Must either be from or other other food sites. But if it is your recipe - please do let me know so that I can acknowledge you accordingly. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I love Portuguese Egg Tarts! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I didnt know we can use Infant Milk Powder as substitute to Fresh Milk.

I love finger foods, so if you have the recipes, do share ok?!


ms hart said...

Waterlily, me too, me love Portuguese tart! Nak tanya, puff pastry tu ada jual ready made ke? Jgn suruh I buat...hopeless! Tq chef....

Waterlily said...

Hi Anon 6.29am,

thanks for hopping by! Original recipe requires Fresh Milk - but you know me, always on the look for shortcut.

You know what? I find that if you use Infant Powder Milk (whether Dumex, Infagrow, Dutch Lady) - the Egg Tart taste better! Well, that's my personal view. But you can always use Fresh Milk if you prefer to go by the original recipe.

Finger food? yes, I do have some recipes up my sleeves. I will of course post the recipes once I bake them watch the space!


Waterlily said...

Ms Hart

Adaa...instant puff pastry ada dijual kat Carrefour, Giant and most Hypermarkets. Just go to the samosa section ke, the frozen roti prata or roti canai section. Mesti ada kat situ.

Ada yang dijual satu buku besar, but me..yang suka shortcut ni..prefers those in slices. Yes babe, they do come in slices, just like the cheddar cheese.. :) Life is good aint it?


p/s Owh, by the way, yesterday I was in one of my 'frustration' mood, so egg tart nya tak cantik. Bila tuang filling tu, make sure banyak sikit, the pastry should also nampak 'berkeping keping' or berlapis lapis..macam puff pastry yang dijual di bakeries tu....Next time I buat, I will replace the pic with a better one. :)

Ezza Aziz said...

Puas saya cari puff pastry ni kat econsave tak jumpa pun,may be orang kat sini tak beli bende tu,so kena cari kat Giant klang la nampak nye atau pun Jaya Jusco yang baru ni,dekat sikit dengan rumah akak ni.
Masak daging you menawan selera laa

ms hart said...

Yessssszzzzz!!! Ada ready made, huh? In slices some more!!! I liiiiike...!!! he he he Thank you so much chef!

Waterlily said...

Kak Izzah

cuba cari kat frozen section yang lain maybe not near samosa or roti prata, maybe diaorang letak dekat lain (lain hypermarket lain placement design). Mesti ada punya, or tanya minah yang jaga kat situ..bagi dia kerja sikit.

Selamat mencuba..!

Waterlily said...

Ms Hart

hahaha..dah ada instant puff pastry ni, senang sikit kerja kan? And banyak idea yang datang...macam macam resipi kita boleh cuba...

Nak buat sardin puff guna pastry ni pun boleh...crunchy..sedapp..

p/s this pastry jangan goreng eh, kena bake / bakar.

NORISH said...

Puff Pastry ada di jual kat kedai jual bahan-bahan membuat kek macam kedai BAGUZ

Madam Tai Tai said...


Just to post a comment on your previous recipe which I tried today - Butter prawns. My kids loved it...and I think it turned out ok lah. Just have to refine on the floss. I tak cukup stir kot since the floss wasn't so fine.

But, the recipe worked for me! Thanks a bunch, kitchen diva!

Waterlily said...

Thanks Norish

I believe kedai Baguz ada satu kat Kuching, Sarawak - near the Satok area. Elsewhere I am not sure.

But thanks Norish for the input.

Cheers! Thanks for hopping by.

Waterlily said...


first time dah jadi 90% okay tuu..! Masa I first time buat dulu pun tak okay sangat..masih soggy lagi. The trick is to stir cepat cepat, I notice kalau I guna kuali besar, senang jadi..coz easy to stir cepat cepat until naik 'buih' and its become light brownish. Then kena tapis buang kan minyak nya.

Sure ok. Keep on trying MTT - you're almost there!

Waterlily said...

psstt...kengkawan - next time toksah lah panggil chef diva , or chef waterlily...malu daaa...

Kita pun budak tengah belajar..

Anyway, thanks for your support and input.

Anonymous said...

PortugueSe Egg Tart...

HeLLo GooD Morning WaterLiLy...

Like the otherS, i Love Egg Tart so much... i never get to do it bY mYself when i came across your easY to foLLow recipe... tQ so much...

when you say 1 kePing of Cheddar cheese... does that means 1 sLice or 1 buku of the cheddar cheese....